Stalag Luft III Newsletter #13 from Marilyn Walton and Mike Eberhardt – September 30, 2014


Greetings to Stalag Luft III family and friends. It has been a month since the conclusion of the POW Reunion in Colorado Springs. Before delving into the highlights of that event, we wanted to tell you about something of interest to our POW families. Just before the reunion, Mike was in Germany near Munich researching his father’s crash site. While there, a German man told him that he had visited the U.S. Archive in College Park, Maryland, and he found 125 boxes of Luftwaffe records from  Dulag Luft.  It has been believed up until now that most of the Luftwaffe records were destroyed near the end of the war, particularly the ones from the Interrogation Center at Oberursel. Marilyn and Carol Godwin made a visit to the archive and found the records. What was more stunning was that upon opening the files, which are cross-referenced by KU numbers on Missing Air Crew Reports, Marilyn found her father’s crew’s file which contained dog tags from the crew from the day they were shot down and also personal effects the Germans had confiscated. Inside were the dog tags of the crew’s flight engineer who was killed that day. Some of the confiscated items from the crew, kept exactly as they were cataloged 70 years ago, are pictured below.  Looking through another box cross-referenced to Mike’s father’s crew, Marilyn & Carol found the dog tags of that crew as well, including Mike’s father’s dog tags. The Archive holds these records both in the original German and also the translated versions. We were able to see all of them.  Mike, Carolyn Clark Miller, Carol, and Marilyn have all signed a letter to the Archive requesting that these personal items be released to families who are searching for them. We will update you in another newsletter when we find out more.

unnamed-49            unnamed

From Jeffers’ crew. Note brown leather “bracelet” stamped with the name Gonzales, one of the gunners on that crew. He has not seen this bracelet for 70 years and wore it whenever they flew. Other items were taken from the tail gunner the day they were shot down.


Dog tags found in Mike’s father’s crew file. Note his father’s dog tag stapled there 70 years ago.

Get Well Bob Swinehart!

We wanted to take a moment also to tell everyone that POW Bob Swinehart, who was in a car accident before the reunion, and Arnold Wright, who was hospitalized when he got home from the reunion, due to a prior condition, are both doing fine now. Bob is in a treatment center and would enjoy hearing from anyone.

His address is:

Daysprings of Miami Valley

8001 Dayton-Springfield Rd.

Fairborn OH 45324

Room 1105

 Stalag Luft III Reunion  2014

 Many thanks to all of you who emailed us regarding the reunion. We have received so many compliments from those who enjoyed their time there that we have been overwhelmed. It is gratifying to know after all the work that went into reunion planning that the result was a good one. We had quite a crowd, close to 200 considering that notice of the reunion only goes out through this newsletter. No individual invitations are sent when Mike & Marilyn plan reunions.  Thank you all for your kind words. They are much appreciated. For those who could not attend, Marek has put his film of the 50th Anniversary of the Great Escape on youtube:

This is part one. He will post part two soon.

We were delighted that Tom Brokaw took the time to make the video for us for the banquet. He was kind enough to answer a joint letter from Mike, Marilyn, Carolyn Miller, and Carol Godwin. Thanks to Tamara Haygood for getting the thank you card signed by reunion attendees to him as well.

A reminder regarding Behind the Wire books that many have asked about. Arnold Wright’s transcriptions are available on the A.F. Academy’s library website.  Anyone wanting hard copies can contact Mike. Price will range from $15-$30 depending on which compound book is ordered.

Thanks to all of you too for your generous donations to support the museum in Zagan. We will wire money to Marek after the first of the year, as there is a law in Poland that donated money has to be used by the end of the year it is received, so it makes more sense to wire it in January for his use.  The donations in the past have allowed Marek to really transform and update the museum. Anyone wishing to donate can send a check to Marilyn or Mike. Please email for our addresses.

 At the reunion, we mentioned the development of our new Stalag Luft III website, which is still being created.—-more info to follow. Among other things, all prior newsletters will be posted on it.

We also welcome any reunion pictures readers took that we can put in our next newsletter.  We are grateful to Ted Barris, Museum Director, Marek Lazarz, Dr. Tamara Haygood and Vietnam Veteran and POW, Guy Gruters, for their captivating presentations that enriched the reunion immensely. We also thank all of you who purchased our book at the reunion to benefit the museum. If you have a moment, please consider reviewing it on

   Welcome to Colorado Springs!

 image164  Reunion Colorado 004



Filmmaker, Mike Dorsey with Jim and Don, who were held at Buchenwald before Stalag Luft III – “Lost Airmen of Buchenwald”

Marilyn and Arnold Dancing (2)

Marilyn and Arnold


Mike and James Stewart


Andrea Hatfield  and Ernie Hasenclever from the German Panel


Kurt Muellenberg from the German Panel


Mike and Kae Pohe, brother of one of the fifty murdered after the Great Escape


Tom Davies – California filmmaker of “Jump Day” trying to lift Marilyn’s and Mike’s new book.


POW George Sweanor with author, Ted Barris



photo (8)

POW singers Doug Morrison and Ed Dement

Listen to the encore: Off We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder:

Colorado’s Finest – Police Department arrives at hotel with 20 units including 4 K9s to salute our POWs and lead the escort.

unnamed-6    image178    image179           image180



Colorado Patriot Guard Flag Line to honor our POWs – Jim Keeffe, son of POW James Keeffe, third from left in flag line, also rode with the Guard



POW Doug Morrison leaves the hotel through the flag line.


POW Bill Grafton leaves the hotel through the flag line.


POW George Sweanor



POW Don Shearer



POW Ed Horn



POW Alex Jefferson – Tuskegee Airman


POW Leonard Spivey


Museum Director Marek Lazarz and Arnold Wright


POW Bill Grafton receives a “thank you” pin from a member of the Patriot Guard


Reflection from the bus window with the beautiful A.F. blue Colorado sky that day


Off to the Air Force Academy with police and Patriot Guard in the lead


The first of three buses held our POWs

On the road – Police halted all traffic on the on ramps until our buses passed.

image195image197image196  image199


Old Glory at the Academy


Gate at the Air Force Academy


The Academy Chapel


Interior of the Chapel


Cadets for the day –POWs Alex Jefferson and Ed Dement enjoy a history lecture on the bombing in the Europe Theatre of Operation during the war. Lt. Col. Nathan Watanabe and Maj. Jason McClure in the history department gave the lecture.


AFA Classroom – Lt. Col. Nathan Watanabe and Maj. Jason McClure in the history department gave the lecture.

AFA Classroom – Lt. Col. Nathan Watanabe and Maj. Jason McClure in the history department gave the lecture.


Academy archivist, Dr. Mary Ruwell


An earlier airman


Winding staircase up to the library


So much to discover in the Clark Collection


Opportunity to speak with the POWs


Looking for more treasures


POW Ed Dement


Cartoon of SLIII musicians found in the archive, including POW Wally Kinnan mentioned previously in our newsletters


AFA cadet joins us for lunch at the Falcon Club



Attendee, Pamela Sconiers Whitelock, examines the painted burial flag made by German women in Berlin that once covered her uncle, Lt. Ewart Sconiers’, coffin. Lt. Sconiers’ is scheduled for exhumation in Poland in 2015 after 70 years buried there—the only SLIII POW who did not come home.

Kriegie humor found in the archives


Buchenwald Survivor and SLIII POW Jim Stewart with a POW daughter, Carol Godwin.


Media meets with Mrs. Lorrie Bennett, widow of Capt. Bennett, and POW Doug Morrison.



Kriegie humor found in the archives.


More Kriegie humor found in the archives.

The Farewell Banquet

Attendees asked to light candles of remembrance


Nine months ago, Marilyn and Mike decided it was time to recognize many people who have been devoted to the Stalag Luft III POWs and arranged for Certificates of Honor to be presented and displayed in the Honor Book in the library. They were presented to those who have shown considerable interest and/or research regarding our POWs over the years. Pictured are SLIII Museum Director from Poland, Marek Lazarz, Oral Historian, Val Burgess, Canadian author, Ted Barris, and A.F. Academy archivist, Mary Ruwell. Close up of certificate held by Ted Barris on the right, above. Filmmaker, Mike Dorsey, who created  the award-winning “Lost Airmen of Buchenwald,” and  spoke earlier at the reunion but had to leave early, and Ben van Drogenbroek, author and researcher, were also presented with awards, the latter unable to attend.

unnamed-32 unnamed-33


Carolyn Clark Miller, daughter of Lt. Gen. A.P. Clark, former POW and former superintendent of the A.F. Academy, reads the first of two recipients’ names for the prestigious new Lt. General Albert P. Clark Award for Excellence—In Recognition for Significant Research and Outstanding Contributions Relating to the History of Stalag Luft III award. They are the late Col. Art Durand, author of “ Stalag Luft III-the Secret Story,” and Mr. Arnold Wright, transcriber of the South Compound secret ledgers, later made into the book, “Behind the Wire.” The plaque with their name plates will hang in the AFA library.


Mrs. Art Durand and son, Darin, accept the award. Arnold Wright to the right


Arnold Wright admires the plaque bearing his name and that of Col. Durand.




POW Irv Baum, who had to cancel at the last minute, when the earthquake damaged his home in Napa Valley, California, sent along bottles of “The Prisoner” wine from his vineyard, for the POWs to toast with. All pronounced it excellent wine. Irv’s grandson, Reggie, an AFA cadet, was in attendance.  An impromptu telling of POW stories followed the toast, much to the delight of the attendees!


unnamed-46         unnamed-47

Until the next newsletter—best wishes from Marilyn and Mike


Marilyn Walton                                              Mike Eberhardt

Daughter of POW Thomas F. Jeffers         Son of POW Charles M. Eberhardt


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