September 2012



Congratulations to Buchenwald Airman, Ed Carter Edwards, who just received a very special medal and recognition from the Canadian Government.  Celebrating the Queen of England’s silver anniversary, a special medal was struck. Due to Ed’s contributions to his country, helping fellow veterans, promoting Canada abroad, and speaking to students at many schools and universities, Ed’s government recognized him for his tireless work with holocaust associations and for promoting peace, tolerance and respect. Last June, the Canadian Government sent Ed and other Canadian WWII veterans to London to represent their country during the dedication of the RAF Memorial unveiled there, where Ed was privileged to shake hands with the queen.


Note from Marilyn:

I know many of you received an e-mail from Val Burgess recently regarding the SLIII reunion she is planning. I have heard from many of you with questions, but you should direct those questions to Val and her co-planners. However, I always welcome and look forward to all of your e-mails whenever you send them.


SLIII Museum Donation Update:

Almost $10,000 has been raised towards our October 1 goal of $21,000 for renovation of the exhibit room at the SLIII Museum in Poland. Thanks for your generosity. Additional donations can be sent Marilyn Walton using the donation form below.


Update Regarding Arnold Wright Compound Histories:

Some of you asked for us to copy one or more of Arnold Wright’s SLIII Compound Histories and mail you a hard copy.  With the cooperation of Arnold, we are doing something even better.  The Air Force Academy is in the process of upgrading SLIII materials on their website and have just secured Arnold’s permission to post all of his Compound  Histories  on that site.  As soon as we know they are up, we will send out an e-mail with the new website address.  THANKS ARNOLD!!


Marilyn Walton –

Mike Eberhardt –


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