This website is created in the memory of those who served behind the wire by those who want to ensure the memory is never lost.

New Books


From Commandant to Captive” by Marilyn Jeffers Walton and Michael C. Eberhardt.  The book is the complete memoir of the Stalag Luft III Commandant, Col. Friedrich von Lindeiner that he wrote after the war. The book also contains the fascinating story of Lisa Knüppel, a young German mail censor in the camp,  who served as von Lindeiner’s secretary, and there are transcriptions of all von Lindeiner’s letters to Col. Delmar Spivey, Senior American Officer in Center Compound, that the two men exchanged for decades after the war after Spivey located the colonel at a POW camp in England. In addition, there are transcriptions of post-war trial testimony and letters from von Lindeiner during his tenure as commandant that he sent to senior officers in the camp regarding discipline and regulations.

100% of the proceeds of the book go to the POW Camps Museum in Zagan, Poland, and other military charities.

The book can be ordered via this link: From Commandant to Captive

Both Mike and Marilyn will have limited numbers of copies of the book for sale at a discount also.  If you would like one or more copies of the book, email either Marilyn at waltonk9@gmail.com or Mike at mikeceber@sbcglobal.net

Book cover - Interrogation 

Our previous book, “From Interrogation to Liberation – A Photographic Journey – Stalag Luft III The Road to Freedom” is an extensive compilation of stories and pictures from Stalag Luft III and Stalag VIIA in Moosburg, Germany, where many POWs were liberated. Our quest was to find stories and pictures that had not been told or seen before, and that resulted in a book of 713 pages with over 800 photographs.  100% of the proceeds from this book will also be donated to the POW Camps Museum in Zagan, Poland, and other military charities. The book is for sale at:





“Rhapsody in Junk—A Daughter’s Return to Germany to Finish her Father’s Story”:

This book is the culmination of three years of research in four countries. By meticulously combing the archive records in England, Germany, Poland, and the United States, Marilyn Jeffers Walton reconstructed the final mission of her father and his crew. She located the German cemetery where one crewmate, killed the day the plane was shot down, was buried, and she stood at his grave. Walton searched for and found the remaining men of the crew of “Rhapsody in Junk” and reunited them after sixty years. By searching old records, letters, diaries, and mission records, Walton was finally able to return to Germany and find the crash site of her father’s B-24 where pieces of the plane still remained. To her astonishment, she met the woman who watched him bail out and saw the very field where he landed. In her quest to recreate the mission and her father’s prisoner of war experiences, Walton presents not only his story but the stories of the British and German people who suffered greatly, some enduring the bombing of Dresden, and all caught up in the dictates of a madman. Her odyssey through Europe allowed her to discover the rich fabric of the people who endured and survived the war and to weave their stories into a multi-faceted mosaic that reflects the most personal experiences of World War II.



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